I grew up in the wilds of Scotland and worked on farms milking cows and feeding chickens. One day I found a battered old camera in the barn and started taking pictures. 
I started making films in Dublin, Ireland. The music scene was rocking and I began my craft in earnest filming live bands. I shot a lot of gigs including names like the Hothouse Flowers, Paddy Casey, Republic Of Loose and The Thrills.
Evolving from the live gig experience to the music video I found international success directing promos for The Future Kings Of Spain and The Revs. These successes culminated in an opportunity to direct an interactive web film for Universal Music to promote the Scissor Sisters single "I Don't Feel Like Dancing".
At the time this film had new and unique interactive elements which allowed the viewer to upload head shots and place them on the torsos of two dancers creating very amusing and sharable imagery. The film was a huge hit garnering over 6 million views and awards a plenty.
The Scissor Sisters project opened more doors for me and I transitioned into the brand film realm crafting live action and documentary style films for big Irish companies, but it was time for a move and London was calling.
Focusing my skills in shooting and directing I was lucky to connect with Drive Productions and I made many films focused around immersive events for brands like Nokia, Moretti Beer, Disney, Microsoft, EE and Airbus.
My focus moved more into the creative realm where I developed skills in producing visual treatments, script writing, directing and editing and that's the place I like to be.
I've been fortunate enough to create successful films featuring celebrities like KSI who is a global YouTube star. Also Tom Jones and Myleene Klass amongst many others, working with brands like the BBC,  ITV, Volvic, Hyundai and Microsoft
I got a reputation as a good interviewer and had the privilege of interviewing many household names for film content. People like Alex Ferguson, Cillian Murphy, Tim Roth, Zana Marjanovic and Mischa Barton, not to mention numerous captains of industry. It's been a blast!
Being a father of two young children I'm moving my creative gaze to working with people and brands who are helping to bring about positive changes and to challenge the climate crisis and change public habits for the good.
I've created films for Bentley showcasing their future electric car, for L'Oreal explaining how they are developing sustainable palm oil farming in Malaysia and for Siemens where we looked at sustainable cities.
I look forward to a better, greener and more ethical future for all of us.